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We are more interested in what you learn and how you develop your critical skills in SIO 114 / ETHN 136 than what kinds of numbers you can rack up, and we hope you are too, but here is how the numbers will be calculated:

1) 30% Two short reading posts answering questions about the reading (due before each lecture) plus a weekly essay/blog post addressing one or two questions that integrate the topics covered in lecture and the reading plus a one paragraph summary of each class: 3.0%x 10.
(Due Sundays at NOON)

2) 25% Midterm paper: Choose a current or historical problem in environmental justice, describe the problem and its context, discuss the scientific basis for the problem, critically analyze it using Ethnic Studies frameworks, and describe the role that you as a UCSD student or future graduate might play in acting in solidarity with the struggle. 5-8 Page Paper (1500-2400 words). To facilitate feedback before you turn in your paper, please write a paragraph summary or outline of your paper and include it with your Week Four blog post, due Sunday April 30 at NOON.
Due Date for the midterm project: Friday, May 12 at MIDNIGHT.

3) 35% Final Community Engagement Group Project. Check here for details and due dates.

4) 10% Attendance and class participation.