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Assigned Reading

Read, listen to or watch these materials prior to class, write a short response to questions about the reading and upload to the web site before class starts and come prepared to summarize/synthesize, ask questions, answer questions and apply the concepts.

Week 1: A Survey of Environmental Injustices and Struggles

For Thursday April 6:
MJ Hanson and DJ McNamee (1990) Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology

Amrah (2016) Amrah's Reading/Note-taking Tips for Ethnic Studies Papers

RDG Kelley (2001) Race: The Power of Illusion, PBS Interview.

Project Underground (2014) Gold, Greed and Genocide (Video: 20 minutes)
(you can see the report on which the video is based at: )

Week 2: Indigenous Struggles for Land: Diné Struggles

Read Before Section Meeting (Monday April 10 or Wednesday April 12):
A Jolivette (2015) Research Justice: Radical Love as a Strategy for Social Transformation, in A Jolivette, ed. Research Justice: Methodologies for Social Change, Policy Press.

For Tuesday, April 11:
R Dunbar-Ortiz (2014) An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States, Beacon Press, 32-55.

W Churchill (1996) Genocide in Arizona? The “Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute” in Perspective, in W Churchill, From a Native Son: Selected Essays on Indigenism, 1985-1995, South End Press, 107-144.

For Thursday, April 13:
T Grabiel/NDRC (2006) Drawdown: An Update on Groundwater Mining on Black Mesa, 16p.

K Benally (2014) Accomplices, Not Allies, Indigenous Action Media:

Week 3: Land Grabbing in Africa
For Tuesday, April 18:

Read Before Section Meeting (Monday April 17 or Wednesday April 19):
L Tuhiwai Smith (2015) Decolonizing Knowledge: Toward a Critical Indigenous Research Justice Praxis, in A Jolivette, ed. Research Justice: Methodologies for Social Change, Policy Press.

P Konings (2011) The Politics of Neoliberal Reforms in Africa State and Civil Society in Cameroon, Langaa & African Studies Centre, Chapter 1, 1-13.

W Anseeuw and M Taylor (2014) Factors Shaping the Global Land Rush, in A Reid Ross, The Global Land Grab, PM Press, p 129-156.

ED Lazarus (2014) Land grabbing as a driver of environmental change, Area, 46.1, 74–82, doi: 10.1111/area.12072.

For Thursday, April 20:
M Cristina Rullia, A Savioria, and P D’Odoricob (2013) Global land and water grabbing, PNAS, 110, 892-897

C Todhunter (2016) Spearheading the Neo-liberal Plunder of African Agriculture

Week 4: Seeds and Soil: GMO, Pesticides and Food Sovereignty

For Tuesday, April 25:
BA Federici (1998) Transgenic Bt crops and resistance: Broadscale use of pest-killing plants to be true test, California Agriculture, 52:6, 14-20.

EJ Rosi-Marshall, JL Tank, TV Royer, MR Whiles, M Evans-White, C Chambers, NA Griffiths, J Pokelsek and ML Stephen (2007) Toxins in transgenIc crop byproducts may affect headwater stream ecosystems, PNAS, 104:41, 16204-16208.

For Thursday, April 27:
AL Smith (2006) Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing, in AL Smith BE Richie, J Sudbury and J White, eds, Color of Violence: The INCITE! Anthology, 66-73.

R Dunford (2015) Human Rights and collective emancipation: The politics of food sovereignty, Review of International Studies, 41, 239-261.

Week 5: Environmental Racism

For Tuesday, May 2
G Lipsitz (2007) The Racialization of Space and the Spatiaiization of Race: Theorizing the Hidden Architecture of Landscape, Landscape Journal, 26:1, 10-23.

L Dillon and J Sze (2016) Police Power and Particulate Matters: Environmental Justice and the Spatialities of In/securities in U.S. Cities, Forthcoming in English Language Notes (Fall/Winter 2016)

RDG Kelley (2014) Why We Won't Wait, Counterpunch, November 25.

For Thursday, May 4
R Morello-Frosch, et. al. (2001) Environmental Justice and Southern California's "Riskscape": The Distribution of Air Toxics Exposures and Health Risks Among Diverse Communities, Urban Affairs Review, 36:4, 551-578.

L Pulido, Sidawi and RO Vos (1996) An Archaeology of Environmental Racism in Los Angeles, Urban Geography, 17(5), 419-439.

Week 6: Intersectionality and Resource Depletion: Fisheries

For Tuesday, May 9:
C Pedersen, T Feodoroff, R Reuter, J Franco, N Buxton, MC Barbesgaard, et al. (2014) The Global Ocean Grab: A Primer, Transnational Institute, Masifundise, Afrika Kontakt and World Forum of Fisher Peoples – excerpt p 3-22.

M Chapin (2004) A Challenge to Conservationists, World Watch 17:6, 17-31.

For Thursday, May 11:
AL Smith (2011) Conquest – Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide, Presentation at the CMC Media and Democracy Lectures, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Also available on video (

Week 7: Marine Appropriation & Contamination: Pacific Islands Struggles

For Tuesday, May 16
E Hau'ofa (2000) The Ocean in Us, in A Hooper, ed, Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific, Asia Pacific Press (ANU), 392-410.

S Wilson (2009) Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods, Fernwood: The Elements of an Indigenous Research Paradigm, 69-79.

For Thursday, May 18
JE Cinner, C Huchery, MA MacNeil, NA Graham, TR McClanahan, J Maina, E Maire, JN Kittinger, CC Hicks, C Mora, EH Allison (2016) Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs, Nature, 535(7612), 416-419.

Week 8: Mining, Tar Sands, and Fracking

For Tuesday, May 23
Canadian Society of Unconventional Resources (2016) Understanding Tight Oil:

EN Kellya, DW. Schindler, PV Hodsonb, JW Shortc, R Radmanovicha and CC. Nielsena (2010) Oil sands development contributes elements toxic at low concentrations to the Athabasca River and its tributaries, PNAS, 107:37, 16178–16183.

D Schindler (2010) Tar sands need solid science, Nature 468, 499–501, doi:10.1038/468499a

For Thursday, May 25
A Smith (2005) Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide, South End Press, Chapter 3: Rape of the Land, 55-78.

D Buckley (2014) Sexual Assault in the Bakken Shale Man Camps, Earth First! Newswire, May 26.

A Goodman and K Mossett (2015) We are Sacrifice Zones: Native Leader Says Toxic North Dakota Fracking Fuels Violence Against Women, Democracy Now, December 11.

Week 9: Global Warming: Disconnect Between Source and Impact

For Tuesday, May 30
IPCC (2014) Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report Summary for Policymakers Chapter, 32pp.

R Baird (2008) The Impact of Climate Change on Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, Minority Rights Group International, 11p.

For Thursday, June 1
B Powless (2012) An Indigenous Movement to Confront Climate Change, Globalizations, 9:3, 411-424, DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2012.680736.

L Sahagun (2014) Native Americans challenge construction of Mojave Desert solar plant, Los Angeles Times, December 14.

Week 10: Course Summary and Project Video Reports

Raúl Zibechi (2014) Community Resistance Against Extraction, NACLA Report on the Americas, 47:3, 43-46, DOI: 10.1080/10714839.2014.11721831.

Raúl Zibechi (2014) Latin America rejects the extractive model in the streets, Green Social Thought, 65 (Fall), 5-7.