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Blog Posts

BLOG POSTS – Assignment Instructions

After Thursday class each week, write a blog post that summarizes the content of the two class sessions that week in your own words and answer that week’s questions related to the class material, lecture, discussion and reading. Clarity is the key - we all have different styles and skill levels of writing, but you should strive to make your writing as clear and specific as possible.

You must summarize and discuss BOTH class lectures and readings to receive full credit.

Spell checks and grammar checks are mandatory!

Additionally, each week you will need to fill in the blanks on the blog post submission form that report your attendance at the two classes, the problem session, and the hours you spent on the final project during that week.

Blog Posts are due the Sunday following the Week at NOON. So the blog post for Week 1 is due Sunday, April 9 and so on...

Click here for instructions for submitting Blog Posts

**As for all of your online submitted work, be sure to retain a complete backup of your work until you receive your grade. Computers and the people who run them make mistakes.

Blog Post Questions

Week Nine

Week Eight

Week Seven

Week Six

Week Five

Week Four

Week Three

Week Two

Week One

Submit your blog post to the web site using the following procedure:

1) Log in to the web site.
2) From the Home Page, click on Add a Blog Post
3) Fill in the title as: Blog[Your Last Name][Your First Initial]Week[Week #] where [Your Last Name] is your last name, [Your First Initial] is your first initial and [Week #] is the number of the week [1-10]. For example, BlogWernerBWeek1.
4a) Either paste your blog post into the box titled “Body” (note that formatting from your word processor might not transfer – be sure to correct the formatting before submitting, OR
4b) Attach a pdf file containing your blog post by scrolling down to and clicking on File Attachments, click on Choose file to select your file and then click on Attach. **Be sure to title your file exactly the same as the Title of your post, for example, BlogWernerBWeek1.pdf. Do not attach a word file or anything other than a pdf.
5) Click on Preview
6) Carefully check the formatting of your blog post if you used method 4a or check to make sure your file is attached and properly named if you used method 4b (if 4b, do not uncheck list or private).
7)**Click on Save – you are done! Do not send your blog post by e-mail. Do not wait until shortly before the deadline to e-mail questions about the procedure.

For questions on this process, contact brad at