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Final Community Engagement Group Project

This project is aimed at developing an operational matching system between communities and organizations engaged in on-the-ground, grassroots environmental justice struggles and researchers in the sciences and social sciences who have the skills needed to assist the communities in struggling for justice. This will be a collective project carried out by the entire class.

The class will be divided into 8-10 groups, each of which will be responsible for a piece of the overall project and for integrating that piece into a successful project. The specific division will be worked out in weeks 1-2 of the course, but will roughly fall along these lines:

--overall design and testing of matching procedures
--develop and implement protocols for communities
--develop and implement protocols for researchers
--research and vet researchers in the region
--research and vet organizations and communities engaged in environmental struggle in the region
--match and monitor researchers with two local organizations (two groups)
--video group: develop videos for communities and the web site
--web site group: develop a web site that will serve as an informational source about the project for potentially involved researchers and communities.
(this is preliminary - more detail coming soon...)

Each group will be responsible for writing up a report and self-critique on their part of the project, and for integrating their report into an overall report for the class.

The main steps in this process are as follows:

(1) Sign up for a group - all group members should be attending the same section meeting/problem session. No later than Wednesday, April 12 at MIDNIGHT.
(2) Once you receive your detailed group instructions, meet with your topic group to divide up the work. Weeks 2-3.
(3) Jointly write and turn in a research plan (one plan for entire class, incorporating all group projects) for the written report that summarizes each section with one paragraph and explains how each student will contribute to the report. Due at the end of week 3.
(4) Based on feedback, modify your plan.
(5) Draft written report (one report for the entire class, composed of sections from the groups and subsections from individuals in each grou) due for instructor comment no later than Friday at NOON of the tenth week of classes. Feedback will be received from instructors by Tuesday of final week in class.
(7) Final class report incorporating suggested revisions from instructors should be turned in no later than Friday of finals week at NOON. Appendix to the report should break down in detail the contributions of each student. Peer evaluations for members of your group will be submitted via a link on the web site.

Final Project grade for each student will consist of:
coming soon...