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06-22-17 Grades were submitted right after the deadline, so you won't see them until friday morning. have a great summer!
06-15-17The group questionnaire was axed - the only thing remaining is the final copy of your group's final report. please post to the final report blog.
06-08-17 Sign up to bring a dish for the potluck at the final presentations - everyone must attend - be certain to sign up as a comment on this post!
06-08-17Extra Credit: Zapatista Art Event Sunday June 11 3-6pm Centro Cultural de la Raza
06-06-17 Upload the draft of the final project reports using the Final Project Post under Publish Posts - one post only per group!
06-05-17 Attendance is required for all students enrolled in SIO 114 or ETHN 136 at the Final Presentations - Tuesday June 13 8-11AM in the Price Center Forum. This is a POTLUCK so please be certain to bring food and/or drink to share with our environmental justice community.
06-05-17 Check out these initial reports from the group that connected with local high school students engaged in an environmental justice campaign: from Belinda; from Giovanni
05-25-17 Attendance is required for class on Tuesday, May 30 and Thursday June 1.
05-25-17 Class on THURSDAY June 1 930-1050am will be held on the grassy knoll west/southwest of Groundwork Books and the UCSD Radio Station. Please bring water, a hat, sunscreen and a mat, towel or blanket as needed, and let brad know if you would like any accommodation for this outdoor activity.
05-25-17 Blog Post Week Eight will be due later than usual, Thursday June 1 at NOON. it is going to be a re-do of your direct action plan and media interview, following in-class feedback and a critique of the activity on Tuesday, May 30.
05-22-18 Tentative schedule for Final Group Projects - click here
05-18-17 Blog Post 7 Questions now available
05-17-17 Instructions for the Thursday May 18 Beach Activity located here
05-16-17 Midterm Deadline Further Extended to Sunday May 21
05-15-17Some suggestions for midterm paper:
(1) Please be certain to include a reference list and cite those references in your paper.
(2) Focus your topic around the struggle against the environmental injustice you are writing about - remember that environmental injustices and what environmental justice looks like is defined by the community's struggle.
(3) Use ethnic studies frameworks to critically analyze the environmental justice, to peel away the superficial analysis and dig deeper - see the slides for week 5 for a list of critical analysis frameworks we have discussed so far...
05-15-17 Sign up for face-to-face meetings about your midterm paper on monday, tuesday and wednesday here
05-12-17 Mauro is going to be holding office hours as a space for you all to further process, think through, and clarify the class material, frameworks, etc.
Mondays 530pm-730pm Cross Cultural Center Tranquility Room
Wednesdays 600pm-700pm Cross Cultural Center Tranquility Room
05-08-17 IMPORTANT!!!! Deadline extended - because of unforeseen circumstance, i am behind with feedback on your midterm papers, and so i am extending the deadline for Midterm Papers to THURSDAY May 18 Midnight, so you will have time to incorporate my feedback. thank you for your patience!!!!
05-05-17 Sorry, i belated added the request that you summarize the classes on tuesday and thursday - if possible, i would really like you to do that so that you can think critically about the awesome material that Manuel, Rishi and Mauro presented to you this week! thanks for your patience!
05-05-17 IMPORTANT: We will be meeting during the scheduled final exam period for this class, TUESDAY, June June 13 8am-11am for Final Project Presentations and a Potluck. Location TBD - NOTE i got this wrong in my initial announcement - thanks to Pavel for noticing the error!
05-05-17 Blog Post Five is now available - sorry about the delay!
05-05-17 Feedback on blog post four for some of you is still pending - sorry about the delay - working on it this morning...
04-27-16 If you would like to meet next week for feedback on your midterm paper topic, please add a comment to this post
04-27-17 If you are not in a group for the final project, please contact people from your section to form a group (note that people in the friday section will be in one group - if you are not going to be there friday, let us know!
04-27-17 A reminder that because we are a little behind, you are not required to answer the blog post questions for week four - however, please turn in your two paragraph summaries and the paragraph or outline of your midterm paper topic in your week four blog post. We will be doing a short version of a discussion of food sovereignty and white supremacy at the beginning of class next tuesday.
04-25-17 I posted the slides through week four tuesday
04-25-17If you get the Site Offline Page, just hit your browser back button and do whatever you did again. if you are getting the Site Offline Page repeatedly, send me an e-mail and i will reboot the server. we are using 10+ year old technology - good for Mother Earth but sometimes a little frustrating...
04-17-17 Remember to bring your community maps to lecture on tuesday!
04-17-17 If you are registered and are not attending the monday or wednesday section and are not signed up for the friday alternate section, please contact brad ASAP!
04-10-17: IMPORTANT - If you have not uploaded your Week One Blog Post, please do so ASAP! thanks!
04-10-17: Reminder: Office Hours are Mondays NOON-100pm, Wednesdays 100-200pm at Groundwork Books, plus by appointment - I'm at Groundwork Now...
o4-09-17: URGENT: I reversed the locations of the section meetings on the syllabus: So it should be Mondays 10-1050am Women's Center; Wednesdays 11-1150am Raza Resource Centro. Sorry about that!
04-07-17: Please read the Jolivette article BEFORE your Monday or Wednesday section meeting - it is now available in the Assigned Reading section. Have a great weekend!
04-09-17: I hope you all are having a wonderful sunday! The web site was getting ornery as a bunch of you were logging in and uploading posts simultaneously. You might have gotten a message saying that the web site is down. It eventually decided to reboot itself. If your blog post upload was successful, you should see your blog listed under the title Blog Posts in the right column. If you do not see your blog post listed, please upload it again. Please note that you should only upload either plain text or a pdf file - no .doc or .docx files! Thanks for your patience with this slightly ancient web site and server!
04-04-17: You will need a login and password to view the reading for thursday - i will be sending these to you tuesday evening, april 4. sorry for the delay!

The course in 2017 meets Tues/Thurs 930-1050am in the Cross Cultural Center. Problem sessions are scheduled starting the second week of the quarter, Mondays 10-11am Women's Center and Wednesdays 11am-NOON Raza Resource Centro - please plan on attending one of the two problem sessions weeks two-ten. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in taking this course but have a schedule that conflicts with both problem sessions, please e-mail brad - - we will find a way to make it work.
SIO 114/ETHN 136 The Science and Critical Analysis of Environmental Justice is designed to bring together students from both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Social Sciences and Humanities backgrounds to consider the multiple ways that humans and society interact with the environment. Many technological advances come at a great cost, some of which negatively affect the environment and its inhabitants, mainly in low-income, people of color, and Indigenous communities. This course will introduce students to historical debates and theoretical frameworks through which the relationship between humanity and the environment is studied. The course will also introduce students to research methodologies for working in collaboration with communities negatively impacted by human induced changes in the environment.--Read More Introducing this Course!--